September 5, 2016


CodersQuiz – It’s not just a Game!



The old fashioned way of learning has been changed totally. We now have an array of options for different ways of learning. You just need to show some interest. Well! here, we’re going to make you learn programming. Don’t worry, our caption says it all i.e., programming is very easy you just need to Focus.

Here, at CodersQuiz you can learn programming in a very user-friendly environment. We’re sure that once when you start using this web application you’ll probably get glued to it.

CodersQuiz is intended to make the beginners in programming, learn the right things in a game like interface. Basically it’s a quiz which focuses on making people learn the programming languages in a short span of time.

We have three different levels in this Game. Beginner, Intermediate, Expert. Select wisely and you’ll learn the things fast according to your potential of grasping.

Playing this game is indeed very easy, you just need to answer the multiple choice questions. As soon as you’ve answered, you’ll be getting an in-depth explanation for both the wrong and right options. The only thing is, you need to have a great focus and patience.

After the Quiz gets completed, you have a leader board to know your scores which includes your average score too. Your friend’s score will also be shown in the leader board, so it creates a kind of competitive environment.

Ah! Hope you’ve got the real motto of CodersQuiz. It is Learn, Play and Compete.